Booking terms for Candidates

  1. Bookings: By accepting the booking confirmation, the booking is considered a firm contract on both parties (Candidate and the Organisation/Practice), and an acceptance of booking terms & conditions and full T&C of Medico Partners.
  2. Alterations –
  1. If you require any alteration of the original bookings, you should contact MedicoPartners in writing at the earliest convenience and Medico Partners will confirm in writing subject to an approval from the relevant Orgnisation/Practice. Unless you receive a written confirmation from MedicoPartners with the alteration of the booking, you must treat the original booking as the only valid booking.
  2. If there is any extension or alterations of the bookings done directly with the organisation/Practice, it must be notified to Medico Partners by email and Medico Partners will confirm in writing subject to an approval from the relevant organization/Practice.
  1. Timesheets –
The Completed Timesheet is a legal document needed for all the bookings. You agree to send a timesheet within 2 days of the session with an authorised signature from the organization/Practice. If we receive timesheet without an authorised signature, we must get this authorised from the organization/Practice before making your payment.
  1. Cancellations –
  1. Cancellations should be avoided by all parties to prevent disruption of the service and to ensure patient safety. Once the Candidate has accepted a booking, the session cannot be cancelled without an acceptable reason to Medico Partners. The Candidate will be liable for any additional costs incurred as a result of filling this session with an alternative Candidate at such short notice including any penalties incurred by Medico Partners as a result.
    • You agree to cover any extra cost of replacing your shift with another clinician (by paying an accelerated rate etc).
    • You agree to cover any penalty fees incurred to MedicoPartners from the organization /Practice due to your short notice cancellation that could not be covered by another clinician.
  2. Unforeseen circumstances

If the Candidate cancels a session/vacancy due to an unforeseen circumstances, cancellation must be made at the earliest opportunity but no later than 2 hours prior to the session start time, it is the Candidate’s responsibility to contact Medico Partners to make them aware of the intended cancellation. This must be informed to one of our staff directly via phone-call and no other form of contact is accepted.

  1. Future bookings: By accepting above booking(s) with this Organisation/Practice that MedicoPartners has introduced to you, you agree to keep any future bookings only through Medico Partners.

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