Whats the Role of Advanced Nurse Practitioner West Midlands

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What's the Role of Advanced Nurse Practitioner - West Midlands

For many years, we have seen nurses playing major role in coordinating patient care, focusing on technical skills and performing task based duties. Though all these things play an important role in shaping and molding the health care sector, nurses have always been seen as doctors’ handmaidens. However, today the scenario has changed and the nurse practitioner is finally given their due status for their performances in the health care sector.

It is the evolution of advanced nurse practitioners that supported the role of nurses in the health care sector. They can be defined as a level of nursing practices who employs comprehensive skills, experience and knowledge in nursing care. They take care for patients with complicated diagnoses who may spend little time in the hospital, but still requires highly technological care. Advanced nurse practitioners works as professionals who remains with patients around the clock, and are positioned to prevent medication errors. They make sure that the patients receive correct therapy and provides safeguards against breakdowns, if any.

ANP (Advanced nurse practitioners) are the professionals who can work with multiple levels of staff, provide a broad range of technical care and coordinate the work of other health care professionals to meet patient requirements. Besides, they are capable of providing direct care in the field of adult or pediatric primary care, educate staff, deliver babies and administer anesthesia. Advanced-practice nurses diagnose and treat illness or injury, can even prescribe medications and leads to overall management of the patients in their care.

Therefore, with the changing community/patients’ requirements, nurses are more likely to recognize inefficiencies and modify the overall healthcare system.

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