Tips to Curtail the Risk of Being Sued as a GP

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Tips to Curtail the Risk of Being Sued as a GP

What Makes Patient's Complain? 

As per the sources, the importance GP's are facing for the adverse effect on their practices, their patients and themselves in past few years is unreal. The availability of GP's day to day real time data workload is nothing but factious. Despite the contrary, the fact of cause and effect between work pressure and claims are based on the aptitude.

Instead of considering and appreciating the excessive workload of doctors, patients who feel that they have been ill treated seek attention by emitting their viewpoints on Social Media. Issues like lack of communication skills, delayed diagnosis, prescription errors and inaccuracy of chronicle illness.

Tips to Prevent Yourself from Being Sued as a GP

High Quality Care - Providing high quality heath care with keeping patients safety by not committing medical errors and management's terms and conditions in mind. As per the King’s Fund report, ‘uncovering a serious illness is rarely straightforward and no doctor wants to subject any patient to a battery of tests which may prove to be unnecessary (and possibly harmful) unless they really feel it is justified’. Hence, General Practitioner Doctor should be capable enough of fulfilling patient's expectations. 

Communication Skills - Make sure as a GP, you build a rapport and manage patient's certainty. An active listening and discussion with them will develop their trust. Often patients like getting engaged in their treatment, show them your passion towards work and concern about the illness.
Health and Clinical Records - Discussion related to treatment and acquiring sufficient knowledge and keeping records of patient's medical history and noting down the current status of the health may reduce the factor of getting sued. Keeping notes on what was discussed with the patient in the last meeting is also a sign of good practitioner.

Although it's challenging for GP's to commence on lengthy discussions about symptoms and treatment within the consultation period, in long run the ability to dissolve matters with an ease will certainly asset them. 

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