Tips for Doctors to use LinkedIn Website

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Tips for Doctors to use LinkedIn Website

LinkedIn is a platform used for doctors and various other working sectors applying for the post they are willing to do in order to enhance their portfolio and career. It gives you an opportunity to strengthen your social contacts by being highly active on social networking site. The informative site gives you various choices for jobs of your profile. 

Professional Profile Picture

As it is said “first impression is the last impression”, make sure your profile picture is professional enough with a decent and not so distracting background as it not only distracts the viewer's attention but also puts a bad impression on the person.

Make sure your display profile has your current picture with you looking straight and smiling as it is a professional platform not your personal Facebook or other social media account. Hence, personal grooming is very important for the person seeking for the post of a doctor.

Alluring Bio-data

By simply writing doctor in your bio-data won't work and thus would look boring too. The profile with just a description of your work experience won’t have many viewers. 

So, to make your profile alluring define yourself with what you like including your hobbies, what are your specialties which may include your doctorate as well as other less known facts, what makes you different and what you do will put an impact on the reader looking for the candidate as it will make them clear with your thoughts and ability to match their need.  

Up-to-mark with Status

Alike your Twitter and Facebook status you can also update LinkedIn status to stay connected to the site. Posting interesting facts, images and videos draws the attention of the seeker and benefits you for future. Your activeness on the profile will make you intellectual and knowledgeable not only about your medical profile but also other working sectors. 

Skills and Endorsement

LinkedIn has a special section called Skills and Endorsement where you can highlight your special skills apart from medicine. Make sure you give more importance to the skills that are interesting and makes you different from others.

Thereby, the skills should be attractive and out of the box so that it is worth noticing.

Connect with People

LinkedIn gives you an option to connect with people by selecting the group option from the drop-down menu next to the omnisearch box in the top of LinkedIn then type your keywords. You can also comment, like and write the post once you join the groups to be the part of the group.

Consequently, it gives you an opportunity to connect with people of similar compatibility. You can also make connections by visiting the Grow My Network section by clicking the icon next to your small profile picture in the top right of the LinkedIn website. 


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