The Winter Indemnity Scheme for GPs is BACK

02 Nov 2017 By Views : 1763

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The Winter Indemnity Scheme

It’s taken a while this year, but with the temperatures now starting to decline, it seems as though winter is finally approaching. Among the many pressures of the colder months is the issue of encouraging GPs to undertake yet more work, whilst already managing hectic diaries and the burgeoning weight of work-load pressures. With this unappealing backdrop, incurring an extra cost (in the form of a hike in the indemnity premium) is enough to make you want to run for sunnier climes.


Worry no more. The National Health Service is gearing up for the toughest time of the year, with a welcome re-run of NHS England’s successful GP Winter Indemnity Scheme from 2015. Originally planned to end in 2016, the lack of a long-term solution has meant that the scheme has had to be extended, in order to increase resilience at the front line of healthcare services. In excess of 80 000 sessions were secured through the scheme last year, which is why it is an attractive solution. In conjunction with MDOs, NHS England is once again providing an incentive to GPs willing to work additional sessions Out-of-Hours, by helping to cover the cost of their personal professional indemnity, for those extra sessions.


The advantage of the Winter Indemnity Scheme, is that you no longer have to worry about the additional costs incurred for your annual medical defence organisation subscriptions, should you choose to work more and help ease the winter pressures. The idea is that between October 1st 2017 and 2nd April 2018, the surcharge for any supplementary work is picked up by NHS England and not the locum GP.


With the rising costs of indemnity being a much talked-about issue, it is reassuring to see that the concerns of healthcare practitioners are being addressed. NHS England’s inviting offer is a welcome boost, designed to encourage more doctors to help fortify the defence against the winter.


Any doctor wishing to take advantage of the scheme must discuss this with the OOH service provider they are planning to work for and apply for cover before the additional work is undertaken. If you are a member of the MPS, click here for further information. MDDUS members can find the application here, while MDU application forms are available here for online submission.


Alternatively, if you would like to further information on the scheme, including details of how to apply and the type of work that is covered, call Medico Partners on: 0121 270 8878



For further information on the Winter Indemnity Scheme:


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