Novel Coronavirus COVID 19 Workaround for ALLversions of NHS Pathways

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Novel Coronavirus(COVID-19)–Workaround for ALLversions of NHS Pathways

The Department of Health and Social Care andPublic Health England have updated their advice regarding the current Coronavirus outbreak.This workaround has been updated in support of those changes.The purpose of thisworkaround is to provide early assessment of potential Coronavirus patients to:1.Confirm whetherthey meet the case definition2.Identify a safe disposition that avoids unnecessary face-to-face contacts3.Provide prompt access to designated advice and testing services4.Assess for other potential illnesses in patients returning from countries where other differential diagnosis should also be considered Thisworkaround specifies that potential Coronavirus patients should be clearly flagged and prioritised for clinical assessment. Prompt clinical assessment also meets the requirement to identify more serious illness, should this be present.In situations where clinical assessment capacitydoes not meet demand, additional clinical resource should be sought. As an interim arrangement services may choose to put in place systems, under local governance arrangements, to further triage potential Coronavirus patients, to maintain patient safety during periods of peak demand. Criteria for Possible CasesIf the callersatisfies BOTHthe travel/contact criteriaANDsymptomcriteria,they are classified as a possible case.1.Travel/contactcriteriaareset-outin the Appendices referred to below:Appendix 1 (travel criteria to category 1 countries/environments)Appendix 2 (travel criteria to category 2 countries/environments)Appendix 3(contact criteria) AND2.SymptomcriteriaareANY of the following:Acute respiratory infection of any degree of severity with shortness of breath or cough (with or without fever).Fever with no other symptomsSevere acute respiratory infection requiring admission to hospital with clinical or radiological evidence of pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome.


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