NHS Pension Scheme Facts About Type 2 Medical Practitioner Assessment Form

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NHS Pension Scheme: Facts About Type 2 Medical Practitioner Assessment Form

An appropriate pension year with the total GP Pensionable pay for the GP members is an employee contribution of NHS Pension Scheme.

While applying for the Type 2 assessment form in England, every practitioner has to complete the annual form and arrange for liability of an employee contribution that has to be sent to the compatible NHS Pension Scheme Employer. Type 2 GP should be pro-active in recovering his or her paid contribution.

The 2015/2016 self-assessment form should be sent to an appropriate local area team (Health Board) in England before February 28th, 2017. The form is available on NHS website (NHS Pension). It is categorized according to the department, click on the fields like Practitioner, Locum, Out Of Hour, Non-GP provider or Member forms. 

What is a Type 2 Medical Practitioner?

Formally employed by APMS contractor, GP practice or a local health board is known as Salaried General Practitioner.

The one who works for GP practice, APMS contractor, Local Health Board for a particular duration of 6 months or more is called Long-term fee based or self-employed GP. 

A Self-employed GP works for Out Of Hours Provider which is not a NHS Trust or Foundation.
Salaried GPs who are employed for Clinical commissioning group must clarify and assert their earnings and contribution in the assessment form. 

If a GP has both type 1 and type 2 GP Provider, he or she must mention all the details in the form and should forward the copy to a local health board. 

General Information about employees tiered contributions for GPs in 2015/2016 is available in the Contribution section of NHS website http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/Pensions/4134.aspx 

The rate of the tiered contributions in context to GP pensionable post is equally and legally similar for every General Practitioner. If the NHS Scheme rules and regulations are not followed, it may eventually set your pensionable pay to zero for a period of time. 

For any query related to the self-assessment form or Type 1/ Type 2 GP Provider contact NHS Pensions using the following email address: nhsbsa.practitioners@nhs.net. 

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