Habits Every GP Should Have to be in the Good List of Practice Managers

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Habits Every GP Should Have to be in the Good List of Practice Managers

Qualities that every locum should have in order to impress their Practice Managers.

Demonstration of Determination

Locums who book work and then opt for a better accord elsewhere are definitely not in the good list of the practice managers. Punctuality henceforth is the most important factor for the locum, in case GP is careless and doesn't report on time neither apologies for the rude gesture are also noted as an issue by the managers.

In order to make promptly networks with the managers, GP locums can drop a mail confirming their session for the next day instead of canceling at the end moment as it conveys careless impression on the new practice manager.

Flexible Behavior

Locums should be adaptable enough in order to manage their personal as well as professional lives. Neglecting an offer to assist during the emergency or being overly keen not to work for extra hours prior to other commitments can be futile for the GP. 

This obstinacy can unlikely be an issue for the locum as well as practice manager. Hence, it is important for both the ends to communicate and be clear about each others prospective.

Practices and their System

Many practices appoint GPs just for the sake of fitting them in there list and position to examine patients at cheaper rates. But there are few who not only makes sure that the locum is on a good note with the patients but also is communicating with the practice staff.

Learning the names of receptionists is important as some practices use Dr and some simply address the names of the doctors. 

Documentation of Plans

In order to leave a great impact on practices so that they are happy to have their locums back again, GPs should make sure they have made informative notes for the next person. The notes should be detailed enough with facts included in it. 

False information might land the GP as well as the next locum in a problem. Managers often consider it an issue if GPs forget to add referrals as it looks bad and doubles the work for next person. Practitioners should manage their work in the form of documents and should make sure their practice is aware of it. 

Respect Towards the Patients

Locums are often considered inferior and are likely to face criticism at the time. But its GPs duty to be respectful towards the patient. In order to be on a good note with the practice, GPs should make sure they are in good relation with the patients. 

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