Are sessional GPs aware of their Local medical committee

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Are sessional GPs aware of their Local medical committee?

Given below is the ratio survey of GP regarding LMC's services for them

As per the survey, Only 60% of the GPs knew how to contact their LMC and 55% were receiving regular emails from committee while there were practitioners who didn't know that LMC could represent them locally. 31% locums think they were excluded from the role whereas 16% thought they are represented by RCGP and CCGS. 

What is LMC?

The membership organisation is a platform for GPs, affiliated with General Practitioners Committee as well as other branches of practice committees and local specialist medical committees is NHS GPs local representative committee. The Local Medical Committee (LMC) submits its interest and viewpoints of their localities to the health authorities of NHS. 

The lawful bureau which represents sessional GPs along with salaried, freelance and locum focuses on the interest of practitioners at a local level. Sessional GPs not in contact or member of LMC are withholding a great opportunity as well as support. LMC is a platform where GPs can discuss their on the field problems, advice to come across the issues are also a part of committee discussion and meets. 

How is LMC beneficial for sessional GPs? 

  • It provides updated information with support for any changes that disturbs GPs work. 
  • Works as an arbiter between salaried GP and employers. 
  • Give an opportunity to GPs to make networks. 
  • Works as a mediator and puts up the issues faced by locum during their practice hours to the organisation.
  • Source for career and education evolution. 

How is sessional GPs beneficial for LMC?

  • Due to their experience in different fields, sessionals GPs are said to be capable of offering advice and opinions on the issues faced by GPs in that area.
  • Sessional GPs can also work as a representative of LMC alongside their part-time jobs or contrasting practice hours.
  • Sessional GPs can represent their local committee at a national level on GPC. 

Representing both the rivals together can be challenging for the Local Medical Committee. Anyhow Sessional GPs prefer not to connect with their LMC as they think the committee represents GP Partners and are not concerned about their issues. LMC can either have two different staffs or can ask for help from the neighbouring LMC during the dispute between Sessional GPs and GP Partners. It will be a great idea for LMC to have a subcommittee of GPs with reserved seats. 

To learn more on Sessional GPs and LMCs guidance by BMA, please follow the link below.

To find your local LMC, follow the links below.

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