Urology Jobs

Urology is known to be demand and a lot of medical professions are aware that a lot of work is available. It has a varied specialty that involves treatment for patients with all ages and has a wide range of medical and surgical interventions.

Urology has been widely known to have busy on calls and elective practice however the content of the specialty keeps the urologist interested. In addition, work life balance is better in urology in most cases than other surgical specialties such as General Surgery.

Most Urologist Consultant perform core Urology but also gain an interest in a sub specialty.

Sub-Specialties for Urology Jobs Such as:

Academic Urology circulates around the development of research that evident for future practices. Andrology is working with male’s sexual health and reproductive conditions and Endourology is the management of tumours and stones using minor invasive procedures. Female, Neurological and Urodynamic Urology is working with minor conditions of the lower urinary tract and female genital tracts. This includes recurrent infection, urinary incontinence and neurological disorders. Interventional Radiology works hand to hand with Urologists who can access he urinary tract and identify when its unsafe to do surgical procedures. Urologist also works with Oncologists to manage cancer entails. Reconstructive Urology is working to repair and restore the lower urinary tract.

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