Haematology Jobs

Haematologist consultants specialize in diagnosing and providing treatment for haematopoietic, haemostatic and lymphatic systems and disorders of the interaction between blood and blood vessel wall. Haematology involves with providing service to patients with wide range of both malignant and non-malignant diseases.

Many of the doctors develop a special interest in one of the many different areas within Haematology.

Haemostasis and Thrombosis are working with a clot serving to limit haemorrhage or pathological clot formation caused by absence bleeding. Red cell disorders including haemoglobinopathies are inherited single gene disorders that affects the red blood cells ability to carry oxygen from lungs. Transfusion medicine is working with branch medicine that is expected with transfusion of blood and its components. Paediatric haematology is experienced to evaluate and diagnose any blood disease or cancer for a child or teen. Haemato-oncology works on diagnosing, treating and preventing blood diseases and cancer. Obstetric haematology consultants are the specialists working with pregnant women with blood conditions ranging from general Haematology problems to more complex issues.

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Job Description -

Hematology is concerned with the study of blood and its related disorders. Hematologists diagnose, treat and monitor patients with blood-related abnormalities and diseases such as anemia, sickle cell disease, leukemia, and hemophilia.

Sub-Specialty -

Hematology has different sub-specializations such as immunohematology, paediatric haematology, transfusion medicine, genetic disorders and haemato-oncology.

Qualification -

To be a hematologist, it requires a degree in life sciences in graduate or master level to get onto NHS Scientist Training Program. The STP is a three-year workplace-based training program, and upon completion of the STP, one is eligible to apply for a Certificate of Attainment from the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS), which allows registration as a clinical scientist with the HCPC. To become a consultant healthcare scientist, it requires a five-year workplace-based training programme.

Roles -

A Haematologist, with fellow healthcare scientists, perform various blood-related activities such as receiving and analyzing blood samples, prescribe treatment type for patients, and cross-match blood for transfusions. A Haematologist also investigates biochemistry related to blood clotting, produce data reports, and provide information about a patient's condition.

Senior Haematologists involved in teaching, management, and development roles too.

Salary -

According to the NHS data, a hematologist in training earns around £26,565, £31,696 to £41,787 after training and up to £100431 as consultants.

Employer -

Haematologists typically work in laboratories in biomedical roles, blood transfusion centers, and clinical roles. In the UK, these healthcare scientists have job opportunities in the NHS Trusts, private hospitals, clinics, and laboratories as well.