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Geriatrics or commonly known as Care of Elderly are one of the largest department in the UK and Geriatrics Jobs are known to flood the market, especially throughout winter. Geriatric wards are known to work in alignment with other wards, commonly with General Medicine, Outliers and/or Stroke.

Care of Elderly has several sub specialties that Consultants are encouraged to generate interest on. However, there are doctors who prefer to work without any crossover into a sub specialty and there are plenty of Geriatrician jobs they have been utilizing on. 

About Geriatrics Jobs in UK -

Stroke Medicine are often correlated with Care of Elderly and usually both departments work side to side. The common form of injury in the elderly population is falling therefore Geriatric doctors specialize in Falls covering minor injuries that includes bruises, abrasions and lacerations. Osteoporosis conditions are very serious as the weakened bones are fragile and it makes it easy to break.

Orthogeriatric is specializing in providing care for orthopaedic elderly patients, mostly following a hip fracture. Rehabilitation is also a sub specialty that focuses on the recovery of the patients to bring them back to their functional potential after suffering a life altering event. Geriatrics doctors often deals with movement disorders that is common through the aging process.

Community Geriatrics is an important aspect within Elderly Care as they mainly focus on the healthcare of elderly people. Dementia is another sub-specialty of Geriatrics that focuses on a chronic disorder of the mental processes that is ultimately caused by brain disease or injury.

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