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Gastroenterology is one of the specialty that is under a huge shortage making it one of the most demanding specialties. Medico Partners train and specialize every consultant in a specialty to provide information that are accurate. The consultant will not only tailor a locum to assure prosperity but create a career action plan that considers of all the essential needs to flourish in your field of work.

Hepatology articulates a study to diagnose and prevent diseases that affect the liver. It also involves other nearby organs including pancreas, biliary tree and gallbladder. 

Transplant Hepatology is mostly in managing advanced liver diseases that includes common and complex procedures.

Irritable Bowel Disease is a well-known disorder diagnosed and encountered in general practice. Interventional endoscopy involves directing invasive procedures that includes a thin & flexible tube with a camera and light on the end.

Gastroenterologist consultant jobs and placements are expected to cover one or more of the above sub-specialties in most cases. We understand the importance of obtaining the ROTA and the job plan henceforth we do our ever best to deliver the Gastroenterologist jobs as transparent as possible. We encourage the doctors to speak to the clinical lead or the rota coordinator and set up a telephone conversation prior to starting the shift so that our candidates are fully informed.

We provide service like no other within the industry and try not to miss out the smallest details with our relationship between us and the candidates. We like to deliver on a timely manner with regularly updating you via you preferred method.

We would like assure that you will gain our 100% commitment in every avenues to meet your expectation of service. We will reflect and support to achieve your motive throughout your career.

Please click on the link below to search for Gastroenterology Jobs. If you need any further information on any job or cannot find any placements that match your criteria, please give us a call in 0121 270 7311.

Please Note: Over 90% of the Gastroenterology locum jobs that are sent usually closed for further application within approx, no longer than 24 hours.

Benefits of Working with Medico Partners:

  • Recruitment Consultant specialized in your specialty to account manage you
  • Variety of courses available to you
  • Personal Appraisal & Re-validation and Compliance officer

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