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Dermatologist are trained medical professionals who work with skin diseases and hair & nails. Their work involves diagnosing & investigating the condition to identify the best possible treatment. With over 12 million people visiting their GP annually with a skin problem, the demand for dermatologist jobs has grew throughout the course of the last decade.

Medico Partners is a UK based locum agency engaged in the recruitment of medical professionals. The agency is managed by a team of experienced medical doctors, consultants, and specialists from different specialties. We work in partnership with the Trusts and private sector hospitals. Our strength lies in providing qualified medical professionals to clients and the delivery of their expectations. Furthermore, the agency guides and assists locums in their endeavor to succeed in their career. The agency has now become one of the leading contributors of medical professionals in the country.

There are several key interests in sub-specialties that dermatologist doctors prefer to streamline their work into.

Dermatopathology Doctors diagnose, treat and manage the conditions with skin diseases, as well as hair and nail complaints.

Surgical Dermatology treat diseases related to hair, skin and nails by using advanced surgical procedure. Dermatology also includes process of improving patient’s appearance and not always treating diseases;

Cosmetic Dermatology allows improvements on skin, hair or nails.

MOHS Surgeon: They perform a type of surgery called MOHS surgery. This specialized surgery is used to treat skin cancer.

Dermatologist Jobs Benefits -

Dermatology consultant jobs are scaled nationally however due to the positions being long term in most occasions, the ratio of Dermatologist jobs available at a certain period are limited. Recruitment consultants who are specialized in Dermatology often ask several questions to pre-qualify your needs so that they can tailor a locum by working via unique methods.

We at Medico partners specialist team have successfully secured placements at heights never seen before and we continue to strive to break our records to bring new assets and opportunities to our candidates.

By working with Medico Partners, receive specialists for appraisal & re-validation for your compliance. Variety of courses to choose from and priority over all your suitable placements.

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We are a trusted agency entertaining no malpractices and have been providing job placements to hundreds of locums every year. By working with us, you can avail a number of benefits such as varied new opportunities which are continuously added every day, incentives, recommendations from us and clients as well, and rewards. We have a great support team designed especially for negotiating salary and working conditions on behalf of our locums. You can rest assured that we’ll provide the highest possible rate. Every locum registered with us is assigned to a consultant for guidance and assistance.

If you want Please contact our Dermatology Specialist Consultant on 0121 270 7311 to find out more information. You can check the available Locum Dermatologist Jobs on the link below, however, please note that over 90% of Dermatologist Consultant jobs receive enough CVs within the first 24 hours, therefore, jobs might not get a chance to be uploaded onto the website.