Cardiology Jobs

Cardiologist are in high demand under all five key sub-specialties and there are several placements for Interventional and Non-Interventional Cardiologist Jobs such as;

Adult Congenital Heart Disease is relatively a new sub-specialty that has expanded rapidly throughout the past decade. It is predicted that it is likely to continue with its growth due to the number of babies born with congenital heart disease. Overall this sub-specialty is extremely popular and in demand over the nation, especially in places such as London, Southampton, Birmingham, Bristol and Leeds.

Cardiac Imaging is essential to almost all aspects of Cardiology. The main imaging modalities are Electrocardiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and nuclear medicine.

Electrophysiology and Devices is widely known to be mentally & physically changeling however also popular for people with a passion for problem solving and interventional techniques. A steady innovation of mapping, ablation and device technologies in addition to a vast literature on the fundamental principles of electrophysiology.

Heart Failure is a clinically and intellectually demanding sub specialty dealing with complex medical problems from diagnosis through pharmacological and device interventions to end of life care.

Interventional Cardiology is well known to be a dynamic and evidence rich specialty that incorporates both technical and decision making skills set.

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