Acute Medicine Jobs

Acute Medicine is a specialty that is concerned with the treatment of patients with acute illness and conditions and is usually done within the first 72 hours of their hospital stay. Doctors assess, investigate, diagnose and care patients with conditions that have developed quickly, exhibit severe symptoms and are life-threatening.

Acute Medicine placements are available for long term and Acute placements and widely required via locum placements. The package of the Acute Medicine Jobs are examined case by case as the pay package and other components are usually determined by the urgency of the job and the location. 

Nature of Work

An acute medicine doctor works often in emergency departments with multi-disciplinary specialists. The nature of work is immediate with a broad spectrum of heterogeneous clinical conditions. There's a wide range of clinical work within the specialty such as managing the acute presentation of medical illness, ensuring maximum safety and care, engaging in multi specialization and providing care and treatment to the most severe patients in hospital wards.

Acute Medicine is distinct from emergency medicine (A&E), although specialist acute doctors work in close collaboration with specialists in emergency medicine. Some key procedures of this specialization include lumbar and paracentesis, pleural aspiration and ultrasound. Acute medicine consultants also specialize in Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Elderly Medicine, Rheumatology, and Dermatology.

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Medico Partners is a leading locum agency with a strong foundation of medical professionals at the helm, delivering candidate and clients’ expectations. The agency has become a platform for medical professionals to excel in their career as a result of strong Acute Medicine Jobs placement support and guidance. The agency provides medical professionals for multidisciplinary assessment, stabilization, and treatment of acutely ill patients. As a result, we have established ourselves as a reputable provider of acute medicine consultant in the UK for the public and private sector hospitals. Our greatest strength lies in satisfying clients with delivery of the best possible healthcare service by our qualified professionals.

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